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Dear Yuletide Entity [Oct. 9th, 2016|03:16 pm]

Dear Yuletide Entity,

First, thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

In general: I like happy or at least hopeful endings. I'm usually okay with slash, het, or gen; I'm not crazy about 'cest. Gore and graphic violence are squicks; I'd rather not read about any non-con sex that isn't in the source material.

And now, to specifics:

1. The Golden Name Day Series, Jennie Lindquist.

These were some of my absolutely favorite books as a child; I loved the depictions of Swedish-American culture and the hints of Polish-American culture, the depictions of New England, the relationships between the characters, everything. These are the books that make me rail against Life Plus 70 copyright terms; it's a crying shame that they're unavailable because the author's heirs can't be bothered to bring them back into print.

This is NOT a fandom where I want a cracky "please ruin my childhood memories" fic; I want a fic that's true to the spirit of the original stories. While I lean gen on this fandom, I don't consider slash inherently cracky. In fact, I'd be fine with a slash pairing if that's the story that calls you, but given the time period, I would consider "Nancy and Elsa or Alex and Ben are out of the closet and everyone's vocally cool with it!" to be cracky. "These two same-sex characters live together, and everyone acts like they're just housemates" I'd buy.

The series takes place in 1909-1910, which means that most of the main characters will be hitting adulthood around when the United States enters World War I. I'd particularly like a story about Alex. What is he doing with his life as an approximately 18-year-old? How does he cope with seeing other young men his age enlisting, when his disability prevents him? Is he romantically interested in any of the characters from the books, or in an OC, or is that not on his radar at this time? What is he planning to do for a career? What interests has he discovered?

Other possibilities I'd be interested in: Any story about the characters as adults. Something set 20-30 years later, where the characters are teaching their children about their Swedish heritage. Elsa travels to Sweden to see where her family came from. if you want to go beyond nominated characters, a story about Martha and her choice to keep house for Uncle Sven (did she choose it out of duty, or did she decide she'd rather live on the farm with her uncle than marry?); a story about Elsa's friendship with Mr. Sandborn. Swedish funeral and mourning traditions when one of the older family members dies. Swedish wedding traditions when one of the characters marries.

2. Om Shanti Om.

I love this movie, but one of the small things that bugs me about it is that Om Kapoor's mother largely disappears from the story. I would love a story where Mrs. Kapoor meets Mrs. Makhija. Mrs. Makhija knows about Om's past life, but does Mrs. Kapoor ever find out (and if so, how does she react)? Or does she simply wonder why her son has suddenly taken an interest in this aging ex-actress?

3. T. Tembarom

"I just want fic for this story to exist" probably isn't helpful. So. I'm curious about Tembarom and Ann's life after their marriage -- where do they end up settling? What does Tembarom do for an occupation, since he's certainly not going to just live off of his father-in-law's Invention? How does Ann balance caring for Tembarom with caring for her father?

Alternatively, a story about Lady Joan would be interesting. Can she and Jem cope with finally being happy, or do they still struggle? How do they fit in with the local social scene? Do they spend most of their time at Temple Barholm, or do they travel and have adventures?

4. Lord Peter Wimsey

What I'd really like is a story about the post-book life of a minor character. I'd be particularly interested in Beatie Wilson, the daughter of Annie in Gaudy Night, or the Thoday girls from The Nine Tailors (or both, if you can figure out how they meet) -- I want to see them content with their adult lives despite the tragedies of their childhoods. Another favorite is Miss Murchinson. According to Gaudy Night, she eventually married; how did she meet her husband, and what is their relationship like? Or write me a story about *your* favorite minor character and show me what interesting things happened to them later.

However, since none of these characters are actually in the nominated characters list, I'm also happy with a story involving any of the nominated characters. What happens when Miss Climpson decides to retire? What does Charles and Mary's day-to-day life look like? How would Harriet cope with a bout of writer's block after marriage, when there's no longer the "if I don't write I don't eat" pressure? What's the closest Peter's ever come to saying/doing something unforgiveable to Bunter, and how did he mend matters? What's the closest Bunter's ever come to being fired by Peter?

Cracky ideas are also welcome as long as the characters are in-character. I couldn't buy a fic where Peter became a serial killer, but I could buy one where he became a penguin, as long as he was a penguin skilled in the penguin equivalent of piffle and the apprehension of seals (even if he had a quiet breakdown in the middle of the colony afterward). If you want to move the characters around in time or space, have Peter deal with Faerie to save Harriet from being the tax to hell (or vice-versa), give someone or everyone a weird talent or annoying magical trait (it's really annoying when gold coins fall out of your mouth every time you speak, because you're held responsible for currency devaluation, whereas at least the frogs and snakes are good for the environment), write a crossover with another Yuletide-eligible fandom, etc., go for it!

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