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Discworld fic search [Mar. 12th, 2017|11:57 am]

I'm trying to find a series of Discworld fics that I read many years ago (where "many" = "at least nine years ago and quite possibly fifteen or more"). Of course, I have no memory whatsoever of the titles or author. I've already looked on AO3 and haven't found it.

Vimes/Vetinari,living together after Sybil has died from old age. No sex beyond kissing and cuddling on page; a throwaway line mentioning that they occasionally did more (it was nicely worded, and it annoys me that I can't remember exactly how that line went). I think they'd both retired, but I'm not sure. The only story I remember clearly is the final one, where Vetinari appears to see something across the room, tells Vimes he's going to lie down for a bit, kisses him, and goes to their bedroom; Vimes finds him dead later and realizes that Vetinari saw Death coming for him. In a later scene Vimes shouts his anger and grief at losing both the people he'd loved. The story ends with Vimes's death; he's reunited with Sybil, who tells him that Havelock has been anxiously waiting for him, and Vimes races off to find him.

Ring a bell with anyone?

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